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Give Praize Then Graze

At Praize & Graze, we value the opportunity to serve you. Please know that while we offer options in our products, items are subject to availability. Each charcuterie product can have artisan meats, cheeses, fruit, nuts, spread, and crackers. *While we would like to provide allergy free options, please know that our shop has nuts, dairy, and gluten products, etc. We will certainly do our best to provide that option for you. So just ask how we can help you!*

**Serving Sizes are suggested servings. Each Board serving number is a suggested/estimated number but depends on how much your party will graze on.**

When you click on a box/board, the day and time box will pop up first. Just put a date and time even if you do not know when you want to order it or you are just browsing. Then go back into the box/board you chose to see the options! 

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